Prezly Coverage Tracking lets you store coverage from your influencers list. You can see which stories have been covered by any of your outlets and contacts and add that into Prezly. This helps you in having a full picture of the impact of you PR outreach.

šŸš¦This is a feature available in our Expert and Enterprise plans.

Where can I add a piece of coverage?

In Prezly, click on the tab Coverage, there you can click on the button Log Coverage to add a new piece of coverage.

Adding a coverage in Prezly

Once you click on Log Coverage, Prezly will open a new screen where you can fill out the information related to that specific piece of coverage.

Select the type of coverage:


For online you can simply paste a link in to the form and add it to your coverage. This can be an article, a social post or any other page from around the web that you believe is relevant to your story. We will then import the article title, an image (if available) and a short introduction.


For a document you can upload and attach files for your coverage. We support all major file formats for images, documents, and keynotes/powerpoints.

šŸ’”Full list of supported files: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, txt, key, ppt, ppts, jpg, jpeg, gif, png


You can add a note related to that coverage as well.Ā 

Then you can fill in the fields that relate to that coverage piece.

Publishing date

Store the date your brand was covered. This does not change the positioning of your coverage on the activity feed.


Which news outlet your coverage is related to. In Prezly that is usually represented by the organisations that are linked to your contacts. For example CNN, New York Times, etc.Ā 


The contact author of that coverage. Which contact is related to that coverage in Prezly.


The newsroom where the covered story is published.


The story linked or related to that coverage.

Once you fill in all the information, Prezly will automatically add that coverage, so you don't need to press anything.

Viewing your Coverage.

Coverage Page

When you access the coverage page in Prezly, you'll be able to see all pieces of coverage that are added in your account.

There you can filter by Date of Coverage, Type of Coverage and Newsroom.

Contact Activity

You can then see your coverage on your contact activity feed. Allowing you to see a better history of your contact, filter them and more.

Story Report

See the coverage your story has received on your story report. The coverage added that had been linked to the story will be shown here.

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