Consent for cookies

After the 25th of May all of your newsrooms will show a banner to inform the user that the site is using cookies and storing information on their browsing behaviour.

The header will require visitors to agree to use cookies to track their behaviour or give them the option to opt-out from those cookies. Refusing cookies will mean that newsroom behaviour (visits, downloads, searches, ...) can and will not be tracked and thus not available on that contacts activity stream.

At any stage a user can revoke the cookie consent at the bottom of every Prezly newsroom.

Subscribing to a newsroom

Prezly newsrooms have a subscribe button where visitors can leave their email address and subscribe to company news.

As of the 25th of May these submissions will require a double opt-in. This means that visitors will need to confirm their initial subscription by clicking a link in their mailbox. That email will also contain brief information on what they are subscribing to and a disclaimer they are giving you their consent.

Creating and updating contacts

When creating or editing contacts inside Prezly we require you to confirm that you have a consent or explicit approval by this person to be contacted or receive company news.

At any point the contact can revoke that consent by making use of the end-user privacy tools.

Existing contacts

Many are wondering whether they can email existing contacts that haven’t explicitly opted-in, after 25th May 2018. The answer is: it depends.

Read more about that here.

Importing contacts

As of the 15th of May 2018, every time you upload or paste a contact list into Prezly you need to confirm that you have (written) consent by all of the contacts in that list to handle their personal information and use them in any campaigns or pitches when sending company content.

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