As of January 2018 Prezly only has 2 subscription plans: Professional and Expert. We're excluding our enterprise subscriptions from this comparison.

All subscriptions come with a price per user and a minimum user commitment. 

As for features the expert subscription comes with all of the features the professional subscription has outside of the below:

  • Contact Ratings: Contact ratings is a 5 star score that indicates how good/bad the relationship with this contact is. Read more.
  • Store coverage/clippings: Coverage Tracking lets you store coverage from your influencers list. You can see which contacts have covered your stories and have a full picture of the coverage your stories received. Read more.
  • Mailbox integration: Linking your mailbox gives you the ability to track and see any email conversations that are sent outside of Prezly. Read more.
  • User permissions: In a normal Prezly account all team members have access to the full Prezly account. But you can also limit a team member's access to only specific parts of the account. Read more.
  • Newsroom CSS/JS customization. Read More

Please note that you can upgrade from Professional to Expert at any time. Have a look on the pricing page to see the impact on your existing account.

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