Search is available in the header of Prezly. Select (click) the search box or press the key /  on your keyboard to start searching.

Start typing to search

Once the search box is selected, start typing the content you want to find. The results of your search will start to be displayed as you type.

What can I search for?

You can use Prezly Search to find:

  • Contacts - People
  • Contacts - Organisations
  • Contact Notes
  • Coverage
  • Stories
  • Campaigns
  • Newsrooms

How are results displayed?

By default, each individual content type (i.e. what you can search for, listed above) displays the two most relevant results. Where a total of 14 results will be displayed.

If Prezly does not find any relevant search results by a certain content type, the two slots for those results will be "given" to a different content type showing the next most relevant results.

For example, say Prezly finds relevant results for all content types except for newsrooms. The space for the two newsrooms results will be given to the content type with the next most relevant results. If that is Stories - you will then see 4 results for stories.

Permissions and search

For our Expert and Enterprise users, your team members are only shown the search results their permissions allow them to see. This includes only seeing the Newsrooms  Stories, and Campaigns from the newsrooms they have access too. Furthermore, only being able to view contacts when they have the correct permission to do so.

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