After you have uploaded or manually added new contacts, Prezly will start to automatically search for additional information about your contacts, and will suggest that information to be added in their contact profile.

Prezly searches for social network profiles, personal and corporate websites, physical address, among other pieces of information that could be relevant to have in your contacts database.

🚦This is a feature available on our Expert and Enterprise plans.

See your "Enriched" contacts

To access the complete list of contacts that were enriched in Prezly, go to your contacts page. Click on Filter -> Enrichment.

This will bring the list of contacts from your contacts database that Prezly marked as "Enriched". Every enriched contact has this light bulb signal added to it.

Adding Information to your contacts

You can easily add the information found by Prezly, by clicking on the contact, and in the preview page use the button Add to Profile, located inside the menu "We found that Information" .

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