Prezly supports publishing stories and emails in 34 languages. See our list of supported languages. You can easily create stories with multiple languages, within the story editor, making it easy to manage multiple translations at once.

🚦Before you can start translating your stories, you need to first add that specific language in your newsroom settings. Please refer to our article on Multilingual newsrooms

After that step is completed, you can start translating your stories using the steps below.

Translate your stories from the Story Editor

In the editor menu, just click on Manage > Translate Story in the top right corner.

After you select the desired language, Prezly will create a copy of that story, so you just need to translate the text in the story without needing to upload all the assets such as images and videos again.

On that same menu, Manage menu, Prezly will also let you know if there are other translations for this story, so you can easily switch through them, without having to leave your current page.

💡To see all the translations, in the Manage menu, don't forget to save the draft story of the new translation.

Translating your previous Stories

Access your Stories page in Prezly. On the story you wish to translate, use the options menu (signaled as a 'dots' menu). There you can click on Translate, which will work the same way as in the translation from the Story Editor.

Our system will automatically duplicate the story, so you can manage it the same way as described before.  

If you can't find a certain language in the dropdown menu, you will have to enable that language in your newsroom first. 

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