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In Prezly you have three different types of story images, we called them  

  • Header Image; 
  • Newsroom Image;
  •  and Social Image

Each of those types of images allows you to customize your story in three different places. 

Header Image

The header image lives in the story itself, which means that when someone opens the story, they'll see the header image at the very top. When creating an email campaign from that story, Prezly will use this image in the top of the email too.

When opening the story editor, you'll see at the top the area where you can upload a Header Image.

💡Don't use images that are too large, or have a high image height, as it will make the text of the story to shift below the screen fold, meaning that it will force the reader to scroll down before they can start reading the text of your story.

When you publish your story, it will look similar to what you see in the story editor.

Newsroom Image

The newsroom image will be displayed in the newsroom homepage. When someone access your newsroom page.

You can set the newsroom image under the Sharing tab in the story editor. 

Social Image

The social image is also set under the Sharing tab in the story editor. This image will be used when sharing your story on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. It's a good alternative for when those platforms have specific requirements for sharing images.

If you don't want to change the Social Image Prezly will by default use the Newsroom Image as a social image.

💡In the social image section you can also customise the sharing message that's used by those social platforms. More details on our article about customizing your stories on social media.

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