What Public, Private and Embargo mean to your stories?

Prezly allows you to have three different visibility options to your stories, you can set the visibility in the left hand side bar in the story editor.

Below you can learn more about each visibility status.


When the story in Public, it means that it will be publicly available on your newsroom overview (not only in the newsroom but also on the web). It also means that search engines will index your story (making it discoverable using google for example helps SEO!)


When the story is private it won't be available in the newsroom, nor will be indexed by any search engines. Meaning that only people with that link to the story will be able to see it. There will also be no sharing buttons available in the story. 


An embargo story, is a story that will remain private until the embargo time is over.

When the story is still on embargo, and someone opens it, they'll see an embargo message at the top of the story letting the reader know that the release should remain private until that specified date. 

When the set expiry date is reached, the press release will automatically be changed to Public.

Visibility and Email Campaigns.

When a story visibility is set to Private or Embargo, it won't be visible in your newsroom overview but you can still create and send out email campaigns based on that story. Email campaigns from stories under embargo will display an embargo notice to the recipient. 

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