To add a new image gallery to your story, click on any empty line inside the story editor and then the green button with a plus sign on the left.

After you click in Add Gallery, you'll see a new window popup with some options on where you can get your images from, such as Local Files (your computer), Cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Google Photos, and Direct Link.

💡To learn more about uploading images to your Prezly stories and newsrooms, click here.

Select the images you'd like to add in your image gallery, and select Add.

After you include the image gallery, you also have some customization option on how the image gallery can be displayed.

Display Options

In the same way as with a single image, you can also expand the image gallery slightly outside of the text content or expand it to take on the full width of the page.

Change the size of the Images

You can also change the size of the images in the gallery and also the space between the images (commonly known as 'gutter').

Random Order

You can change the order of the images by clicking on the mix icon. This will give a random order to your image gallery.

If you want to edit the image gallery, perhaps include more images or remove some of the images in the gallery, you can edit the gallery by clicking on the pencil icon.

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