This help article covers how to customise your image and message when sharing your stories on social media – completely independent of what your Newsroom's Home Image is.

Step 1

Once you've finished editing your story, click on the "Sharing" tab, then scroll down to the Social Media section.

Step 2

Underneath the image, there is a text field where you can customise the text when you (or your readers) share your story on social media. The message length limit corresponds with Twitters character limit, which is 275 characters.

The message is automatically input when sharing a story, but can also be changed before sharing.

What happens if I don't customise the social media image or description?

If there is a Header Image in your story, Prezly will automatically use it in place of your social media image. It will also automatically pull the story subtitle, as a text snippet in the social post. If your story has no subtitle, Prezly will pull the first paragraph of the story as a snippet.

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