In this article, we'll cover how to add downloadable newsroom media for your visitors to see in your Prezly newsrooms Media gallery, such as brand logos, product and company pictures, and so on.

Creating Newsroom Media for your newsrooms

Prezly's newsroom media feature allows you to store several images and albums. 

To add a new image album to your newsroom media, and start uploading images, access your newsroom settings page, by clicking on Stories > Selecting the Newsroom you want to add a media gallery > Click on the Newsroom Settings tab.

Then, go to the Newsroom Media section, and click on Select Images.

After you click on Select Images you'll see some options for where you can upload your images from, such as your computer or a cloud service. And if needs be, you can also crop your images in this uploader.

đź’ˇLearn more about how to upload/edit your images here.

Different Image albums

After you've selected your images, you can then create separate albums for each group of images, and add an image caption too.

đź’ˇCurrently, we only support image files (PNG, JPG, GIF), but we plan on adding support for other filetypes as well.

Adjusting the layout of your albums.

• Make your album public.

You can choose to have a public or private album in your media gallery.

• Edit album name or rearrange the order of albums 

You can edit the album name by merely clicking on the title, or rearrange the orders of an entire album by clicking and dragging using the arrows icon next to the album name.

• Adjusting the image size and spacing 

To adjust the image size and also the space between images, click onto the cogwheel icon at the end of an album > Change layout 

• Rearrange the images within the album 

You can do that simply by dragging and dropping the images 

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