In Prezly, your newsroom is where your stories/press releases will live. It's an important step in your account setup to make sure that you can get the most out of Prezly.

How do I create a newsroom?

There are two ways you can create your newsrooms in Prezly, if you access the Stories page > click the newsrooms toggle > click on the Create Newsroom button.

You can also access the Newsrooms management page, by clicking on your use name at the too right corner > clicking on Manage Newsrooms,  a new page will open where you then click on Create Newsroom

Create a newsroom from the Manage Newsrooms page.

Setting up your newsroom name and url

After you've clicked on the create button, you'll be prompted with a new screen where you can add the Company Name (which is the same as the newsroom name) and the Link (url) of that newsroom, for example such as "" 

You can set up:

  • Company Name
  • Newsroom link
  • Newsroom Language(s)
  • Teammates who can access the newsroom (Expert and Enterprise plans only).

Your basic newsroom settings (Essentials).

Below you can see the most relevant information to be added in your newsroom, along with links to each article showing how you can add/customize that.

Company information

The newsroom footer displays information from your company/brand, so you can add your social networks, phone number, and a boilerplate. 

Read more about how to add company information

Set up contacts to highlight in the newsroom 

The contact(s) you added will then be listed under the Contact Us section in your newsroom above your company description. 

Read more about how to add contacts to your newsroom

Customise the look and feel  

You can customise the logo, fonts, colors, preview layouts of your newsroom to match with your brand identity, in the newsroom settings page.

Read more about how to change the look and feel of your newsroom

Language and timezone settings 

On Prezly, you can publish stories and emails in 34 languages. See how to set up a multilingual newsroom

💡Setting your timezone correctly is important in making sure scheduled stories and emails will go out at the right times.

Learn More (Advanced):

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