There are a number of actions you can perform to enhance the SEO of your newsrooms and stories published with Prezly.

Below you can see some of the optimisations and some tips on how you can help improve the SEO of your newsrooms.

Optimisations we automatically do ✅

We only use html standards - easily readable by search engine crawlers.

All pages in your newsroom contain correct meta tags, so search engines know what the title of your story and summary is. (We also add open graph metatags and twitter card metatags for optimised sharing on social)

A newsroom is heavily cached, which means they load really fast. Search engines score pages based on loading time. All images, assets are being loaded through a CDN.

Newsrooms are fully responsive, meaning it looks good on different screen sizes, which has a positive effect on your search engine ranking.

Optimisations you can do 💡

Link your own website to the newsroom. E.g. point the news section on your website to Prezly and we've got a few ways to integrate your recent stories easily.

Setup your newsroom under your own (sub)domain. There has been a lot of debate whether subdomains or subdirectories have better effect on SEO, but many recent research concludes that Google is considering subdomains more or less the same as subdirectories (read more).

Adding your newsroom url to your Google Sitemap tells search engines to make your newsroom part of the rest of your site environment. Contact us and we can help you set this up. More details about Sitemap for subdomains

Set your newsroom as public instead of private. In your newsroom settings there is an option set your newsroom as private to hide all your stories for search engines. If you've chosen this option, your newsroom and stories won't show up in search engine results. 

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