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How can I integrate my Prezly newsroom into my website?

Integrating your Prezly newsrooms and stories with your own external website makes the transition between your press room and your company site seamless.

You can create a Prezly integration with your company's website in three ways:

  1. Feature your news feeds on your website using RSS or JSON feeds 
  2. Feature links to your stories using our Prezly widget 
  3. Use a custom domain 

đź’ˇ You will need some IT technical experience or help from your IT department to implement this.

Display your news feeds on your website using RSS or JSON feeds

1. RSS 

It is a standard RSS feed that contains the title, link and description of a story. You can access it by adding /feed.rss to your newsroom URL. e.g. https://press.prezly.com/feed.rss

If you have a multilingual newsroom, you can filter by language by adding the two-letter language code to the URL, e.g. https://press.prezly.com/feed.rss/en will retrieve the English story feed. 

A JSON feed is similar to an RSS feed with the addition of a lot more details, such as the title, subtitle, preview image url, intro, link, contact details and so on. For a better, more solid integration, we definitely recommend using the JSON feed.

You can access it simply by adding /feed.json to your newsroom URL. e.g. https://press.prezly.com/feed.json.

If you have a multilingual newsroom, you can filter by language by adding the two-letter language code to the URL, e.g. https://press.prezly.com/feed.json/en will retrieve the English story feed.

Here's an example of how a Prezly client, dnata, uses JSON feeds to feature their Prezly stories at the bottom of their homepage.

Optional parameters for the feeds

See the list of language codes and the PHP documentation.

Example 1: Returns a JSON with 5 English stories from 2015


Example 2: Returns a JSON with the most recent Dutch story on 'Duurzaamheid'


If you'd want to get the feed in javascript (client side), you'll need to add an extra parameter named callbackto the url.


Story details 

You can get the full details of a story in JSON as well. Just add .json to the permalink of your story. E.g. https://press.prezly.com/30-pr-pros-combine-forces-for-how-to-guide-on-tools.json

We also provide a Javascript widget for each newsroom, which allows you to integrate links to your stories on your website. It's as simple as copying and pasting two lines in your website code.

To find the widget for your newsroom:

  1. Go to the Newsrooms tab and use the dropdown menu on the left to navigate to the newsroom you want
  2. Click Newsroom settings
  3. Click Widget & Embedding; 
  4. Follow the instructions on the page to implement it on your website 

đź’ˇLearn more about optional customisations that you can make to the widget to control which stories to display or how they should be displayed.

Use a custom domain 

By default, your newsrooms are on the prezly.com domain. e.g. yourbrand.prezly.com. You can easily replace this with a custom link on a domain that you own. e.g. press.yourbrand.com . For example, Toyota can set their newsroom URL to press.toyota.com.

Having your newsroom on your own domain looks more professional and passes on SEO value to your website. See how to set up a custom domain. 

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