You can easily customise your newsroom, and make it compliant with your brand or your clients brand. With a few clicks, you can upload a logo, select a different font type, and add different colors to your newsrooms.

Updating logo, fonts and colors 

You need to first access your newsroom Settings page to customise the look and feel.

Access your newsroom settings page, by clicking on Stories > Selecting the Newsroom you want to customise > Click on the Newsroom Settings tab and Look and Feel.

Uploading your logo 

The best way is to save the image of your logo from your website. By doing that it will have the same size, but it is also possible to add different size logos on your newsroom. 

In the look and feel page, you can click on Upload logo, and Prezly will add your logo to your newsroom.

You can add three different logo types to your newsroom:

  • Newsroom Logo;
  • Square Logo;
  • Newsroom Icon;

Customising the newsroom font

Select a font and font colors that conforms to your corporate website. If you are on an Expert or Enterprise plan, you can import your own font using the css editor

Adjust your newsroom colors 

You might refer to your brand guideline to find these colors in hexadecimal values. 

💡An easier way is to pick the colors straight from your website. Below are a list of helpful tools: 

Alternatively, you can use a custom CSS skin 

💡CSS/JS is available only on Expert and Enterprise plans

Check out our guide with some examples on how to create your own CSS skin

Select a homepage layout. 

Choose the Block Placement for your stories

There are 3 block placements you can choose 

  • Plain block placement 
  • Grid block placement 
  • Cascade block placement 

Plain block placement

This option is best for text heavy newsrooms that lack images, as the images are less emphasised. 

Grid block placement

This layout will make all your story previews of the same height. The main images of your story will be automatically cropped to accommodate to the height (so it's recommended to use a landscape-oriented image as your main image). 

Cascade block placement

This layout has a more free-flowing style, like a Pinterest board. The story previews will not be fixed in height, so you can use any image dimensions for your main images

However, it is still not recommended to upload very tall main images, as it can compromise the balance in your overview. 

Choose the Block Background

There are 3 main options for the Block Background

  • Block without background
  • Block with background 
  • Block with background and boarder 

Block without background

There will be no background for the blocks, i.e. they will use the general background that you've chosen for the whole newsroom. 

Block with background

You can specify a color for the blocks (e.g. white) that is separate from the general background color (e.g. grey) of your newsroom. 

Block with background and boarder 

Other than the block background color (e.g. white), you can also add a boarder (e.g. dark grey) around each block. 

If you have chosen to use a block with background or boarder, you can customise the colors under the Block colors menu at the bottom. 

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