Once you have your Newsroom up and running, it's time to make it fully aligned with your brand! You can do this by adding your company logos and choosing fonts, layouts, and a color palette for your Newsroom. 🎨

Updating logo, fonts, and colors 

First, you'll need to access your Newsroom Settings page. The easiest way to get there is from the Stories page.

On the Look & Feel page, there are 3 different types of logos you can add to your newsroom:

  • Newsroom Logo
  • Square Logo
  • Newsroom Icon
customize newsroom logo

Good to know 💡

The best way is to save the image of your logo from your website. By doing that it will have the same size, but it is also possible to add different size logos on your newsroom.

🎨 Adjust your Newsroom's color palette 

You can add the exact same colors in your brand guideline using hexadecimal values. 

🔤 Customizing your Newsroom's font

Select a font and font colors that conform to your corporate website. If you are on an Expert or Enterprise plan, you can import your own font using the CSS editor.

🎭 Alternatively, you can use a custom CSS skin 

Check out our guide with some examples on how to create your own CSS skin

Note 📌

Custom CSS and Javascript is only available on the Expert and Enterprise plans.

Select your Newsroom homepage layout

🙌 Choose the Layout Block Alignment

Under the Home and category options , there are 3 Layout Block Alignments to choose from.

📹 Preview each layout block alignment

Tips on choosing the right layout block alignment for your Newsroom

• Clean grid with small image thumbnails

This option is best for text-heavy Newsrooms that lack images, as the images are less emphasized. 

• Clean grid with big, equal height images

This layout will make all your Stories' previews the same height. The Newsroom Home Images of your Stories will automatically be cropped to accommodate their height. This is why we recommend using a landscape-oriented image as your Newsroom Home Image. 

• Cascading grid with big images

This layout has a more free-flowing style, similar to a Pinterest board. The Stories' previews will not be fixed in height, so you can use any image dimensions for your Newsroom Home Images. However, we do not recommend using very tall main images, as it can compromise the balance in your Newsroom homepage. 

🔲 Choose the Block Background

Also under the Home and category options , there are 3 Layout Block Alignments to choose from.

📹 Preview each block background

• Default

There will be no background for the blocks, meaning that the Newsroom will automatically use the general theme color that you choose for the Newsroom page. 

• Text in block with padding

You can choose a specific color for the Story blocks. This is separate from the general background color of your Newsroom. 

• Text in block with border

Other than the block background color, you can also add a border with its own color around each block. 

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