It can happen that you want to transfer a newsroom from one account to another one.


If you - as an agency - start working for a client that already has a newsroom, it is possible to get in transferred to your account.
Or you - as a brand - want to take your newsroom in-house. 

The good news is, that it's a relatively easy process, that the Prezly team can do for you.
We will only transfer the newsroom over with all the stories. So no campaigns, neither contact data will be transferred over to the account.

But before we could do that, there are a few requirements.


  1. Both parties need an active Prezly account. If one of the parties doesn't have an account yet, easiest way is to request a demo from our homepage and we will pick it up from there (no worries, this can still go quickly)
  2. We need permission from both the incoming as outgoing party that we can transfer the newsroom. Permission needs to be given in written by sending an email to by both parties.
    Only if we have the permission of the outgoing and incoming party, we can move forward.
  3. Lastly, we need to have an email from the requesting party, to confirm timing of transfer as well as all details. Name of incoming license ( to which license do we need to transfer the newsroom) and name of outgoing license (in which license is the newsroom currently).


When we have the permission from both parties, we will handle it from our end. And it can take between 1-5 days for us to complete the transfer.

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