We've all been there. That's why we've made it easy to get your sent content to additional contacts, and get clear metrics on engagement from every send out.

You have a few options to get your content to more recipients. In the campaign report page you can use the button Send to, and share that campaign with other recipients.

"Another contact"

This will create a one-to-one email pitch, which allows you to send your content to a single contact – perfect for adding that personal touch.

"Many contacts"

Clicking this option will duplicate your original campaign as a brand new email campaign. You will be automatically taken to the draft of this new campaign and be able to edit its content, choose the recipients and send or schedule exactly as normal.

The overview and analytics for this new campaign will be immediately available in your Campaigns area.

Why can't I simply add people to an existing campaign?

We actually used to have this function in Prezly, but after speaking with clients we decided to remove it. Here's why. 

Simply put, we removed this feature to guarantee the accuracy of campaign reports in Prezly. If additional recipients could be added to a campaign at any time, the multiple send times and dates skewed the data, which invalidated exported reports, outdated the metrics and gave contact profiles a confusing campaign history. 

The system we have in place now keeps your campaign reporting accurate and gives you full visibility over who's received what.

Think we can do better?

We think so too – that's why we're always working on developing Prezly further (you can see what we're working on at the moment in our product roadmap!). If you have a suggestion for a new feature or function, or if you simply think that a part of Prezly is a bit more clunky than you'd like, please submit an idea. Thank you for helping us build the tool YOU want :) 

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