You might need to make your newsroom offline, due to expired content in the newsroom or simply because it is no longer needed anymore. Another case for example is when you have prepared a newsroom with content that is not yet ready for being available on internet

🚦Please use this feature with caution! An offline newsroom is not available on internet. For visitors this will look exactly the same as if the newsroom was deleted or never created — it just doesn't exist.

How to put your newsroom as offline

Access your newsroom settings page, by clicking on Stories > Selecting the Newsroom you want to put as offline> Click on the Newsroom Settings tab.

Scroll down on the newsroom settings page, you'll notice at the bottom of the page on the left hand side the option to put your newsroom as offline.

After you click on Put Offline, your newsroom will immediately stop existing for an external visitor.

Making your newsroom online again.

Access you newsroom settings page again, and on the same place click on Put Online to make your newsroom online and accessible again.

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