Creating a pressroom that stands out can be fairly easy using Prezly! By choosing the right layout and customization options, you can create beautiful newsrooms. To guarantee that you get the best layout for you newsrooms, our Design and Support team prepared some tips and advice on how you can better style your Prezly newsrooms.

Brand Identity

The most relevant aspect when styling and designing your newsroom, is to follow your or perhaps your clients brand identity and translate that into your newsroom. That leads to consistency between the different channels where the brand is displayed, such as  websites, social network profiles, etc.. 

Brand consistency builds trust with your client base and audience, making sure that those are well communicated throughout your media is important in solidifying your brand recognition, and the same applies to your press pages.

In Prezly you can quickly implement your brand guidelines in your newsrooms, uploading your logos, colors, and typography in the platform, with that you can mimic your brand styles into your press room.

Key aspects of every brand include:


When uploading your logo, avoid making it too big. Keep the logo in proportion to the size of your Newsroom. Having oversized logos can make your newsroom looks unprofessional, and eventually communicate a different or even a negative message to your audience.

Setting up your logo in Prezly, you can upload a square logo, or one with custom dimensions, for a logo with custom dimensions, sizes of less than 300pixels wide and 100pixels height will have better results for your newsrooms. If you're uploading a squared image we recommend dimensions larger than 400px wide.


The colors will have a big impact on the first impression visitors have about your newsrooms. We noticed that highly saturated or luminous colors, tend to have a negative impact on the overall layout, and causes a negative and amateur look.

If the colors that represent your brand are saturated or with a high contrast, you can use those on smaller parts of the newsroom such as links and icons, and match those with other neutral colors such as white or a light shade of gray, for example.

In Prezly you can customize both the colors of your newsroom page, 

(screenshot/instructions on how to change newsroom colors)

and font colors.  

Color will also play a big role in the readability of the stories. When choosing font colors, always make sure that you have enough contrast with your newsroom background.

For example, newsrooms with a brighter background colors, eventually will need to have a font color dark enough to make it visible, that contrast in colors will have an even higher impact for visitors with any type of visibility impairment. We recommend taking a look at this short guide, that can help with achieving good levels of accessibility and visibility standards in your newsroom, based on the font/background colors.


Different typography styles can completely change the feel and success of a newsroom, they communicate a lot about the personality of your brand, and also the type of content you create and publish on your newsrooms. 

Prezly gives you a default set of font types you can choose from, alternatively you can also embed your own font style using CSS customization.

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