Prezly uses an image uploader that makes it simple to upload images from your local computer or from the internet using services such as google photos, dropbox, google drive, etc. It also gives you the option to use your laptop camera or a direct link from the web.

Adding new Images

Whenever you need to add new images to Prezly, either in a story or in your newsroom media gallery, you'll see the following window.

Here you can upload images from:

  • Your local machine;
  • A direct url link;
  • Google Drive;
  • Google Photos;
  • Dropbox;
  • Use the camera to take a photo;

Images Preview

After you select your images from one of those sources above, You'll see a Preview page, where it shows the list of images you've selected and their uploading status. Here you can also remove images you might no longer want to add, reorder the list or crop certain images before you add them to your story or media gallery.

1. Reorder

You can change the display order of your images by clicking in the image you want to change and dragging it up or down in the list.

2. Add Caption

You can add an image caption which will replace the image file name after you added the image in the story or media gallery.

3. Remove

Remove the images you no longer wish to add in your story or media gallery.

4. Crop

You can crop a certain portion of the image by clicking on the crop button. When you click in Crop a new window appears, where you can select the portion you'd like to crop.

Adding from a cloud service such as Google or Dropbox

When using one of the cloud services offered - Google or Dropbox - Prezly will require access to your account, which means that in both Dropbox or Google, you'll need to login to one of those services and allow grant permissions to the Prezly account.

After you click on Connect, you'll be redirect to the login screen of that service. You can easily navigate the different folder/files from your directory on that same window.

When you click in one of the files, it will be automatically selected, simply click in the ones you want to add and then click on Show files to go the Preview page.

Choosing from your Newsroom Media Gallery

If you're adding images to a story or email campaign, you can also pull images from your newsroom media Gallery. Click on Newsroom Media to access that functionality. 

💡If you haven't uploaded any images to your newsroom, you'll also have the option to access the Media Gallery page from there.

You can select the image or images you want to add and click on Show files to go the Preview page.

Your recently uploaded Images

You can easily access the most recent images you added going to the Recently Uploaded page, this way you don't need to re-upload the same images again.

💡The recently uploaded tab, will only display the images that were added from your computer. Users from your account on a different machine will not see the same images.

Direct Links

By clicking on Direct Links, you can also insert images using a direct web link. If you have the specific link to an image file, this can be a quick way to insert images to your stories. Using this method you need to make sure that the link includes the file type, such as .jpg or .png at the end.


You can use the camera from your computer to insert images in your stories and image galleries too. Simply click in the Camera option.

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