By default, your newsrooms are on the domain. e.g. You can easily replace this with a custom link on a domain that you own. e.g.

Having your newsroom on your own domain looks more professional and passes on SEO value to your website.  If you want to do this for multiple clients or projects we also support wildcards, read more on this page

You just need a little help from your IT partner: 

On your end

Create a CNAME record (DNS setup)

Create a CNAME record in your domain settings and point it to

Don't worry if you don't understand what this means. Simply forward this article to to your IT team and they can help you out. 

In Prezly 

  1. Go to your Newsroom Settings page;
  2. Click Domain mapping 
  3. On that page, enter the correct domain name (e.g., then click Link domain.  

Prezly will check if you have the correct domain settings and add them only if they are correct. Please note it can take a while for a new CNAME to start working.

💡For every custom domain that will get mapped to Prezly, our system generates an SSL certificate to make the newsroom default to https. You don't need to do anything extra for this, but can take a while (max 1h) before that will be applied.

Custom domain for various newsrooms

If you have multiple newsrooms and don't want to contact your IT department or DNS team for every newsroom please read this article

Learn More:

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