ūüö¶This feature is only available for Expert or Enterprise plans. If you want to activate this contact us via the in-app messenger.¬†

By default, all team members have access to the full Prezly account. But you can also limit a team member's access to only specific parts of the account. 

Currently, we provides 2 ways to limiting access: 

On a section level 

  • This allows you to block access to the Contact, Campaigns, Billing or Teammates section.¬†

On a newsroom level 

  • If you have more than 1 newsroom, you can grant teammates access to certain newsrooms only.¬†

Types of permission access. 

Manage contacts

This prevents a user from accessing the contact section, so he/she cannot add, import, export or update contact details. 

IMPORTANT: The user can still see your contacts unless you also limit his/her right to "Manage campaigns". Otherwise, through the email campaign function, he/she can still select recipients from your contact database when creating a campaign and can see the contacts in the email campaign reports (but he won't be able to export the details to Excel). 

Export contacts

This prevents an user from exporting your contacts . They will still be able to add/edit and remove contacts, but simply can't export them to an excel.

Exporting will be disabled from the contacts section as well as on the email report section.

Manage campaigns

This prevents a user from accessing the email campaign section, so they cannot create, send campaigns, neither have access to the email reports.

If this is used in combination with the "Manage contacts" permission you can completely hide all contact details from this user. Only allowing him to access and edit content for a newsroom.

Manage teammates

This prevents a user from changing permissions and adding/removing teammates 

See invoices

This prevents a user from accessing and changing the billing details. 

Some examples on how to use permission

  • As a multi-brands organisation, I can give users access to newsrooms of their own brands only;
  • As a global organisation, I can give local markets access to their local room only.
  • As an organisation, I can invite freelancers to my account to help me with specific parts of my workflow: e.g. helping me keep my contact database in Prezly up to date, helping me write and setup stories in Prezly or helping me setup and style the room.
  • As an agency, I can give my clients access to their newsroom, so they can review and improve draft stories but won't see the other rooms I manage for other clients.

If you have other use cases that you think are missing, feel free to share them with support@prezly.com.

How to set user permissions? 

Go to your Account Settings, by clicking on your user name at the top right corner. In the dropdown menu that will appear, click on Manage Team.

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