Invite your team to Prezly and start collaborating on your stories and campaigns. You can invite your team, and also set some user permissions by accessing your Organisation Settings.

Inviting your Team

Go to your Organisation Settings, by clicking on your user name at the top right corner. In the dropdown menu that will appear, click on Manage Team.

In the manage team page, you can send a new invitation by adding your teammate email address and clicking on Send Invite. After you send the invitation, your teammate should receive an email in their mailbox with instructions on how to set up their account. 

🚦If you can't see the option to send an invite, it means you don't have available user seats. In that case, you can disable a login which is no longer used, or purchase a new user seat. Please contact our support team through the in-app messenger for more information about that.

After you've sent the invite, if your colleague doesn't accept your invitation, he/she will be tagged as inactive. You may choose to resend the invitation.

Managing your team permissions

💡This is available only on the Expert and Enterprise plans

You can control which parts of Prezly your team is allowed to see/change. Perhaps you want one person to access newsroom X and a different one to access newsroom Z. You can also set permission on certain functionalities and  pages, for example the Billing page (who can access it) or the Export Contacts function.

Disable or re-enable a user

You can also disable user, by clicking on Disable account next to the user profile you will to disable. Their details will not be deleted and records of previous activity records is retained. 

To re-enable a teammate, scroll down to Disabled users and click Re-enable account next to the account you want to re-enable.

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