Campaign reports give you an overview of how your campaigns are performing. It is a great way to understand more about how your audience responds to your content, and what types of campaigns works best or not.

After you send a campaign in Prezly, the platform will start gathering data from your recipients list, based on three different actions Opens, Clicks, Replies. Prezly will also inform you if there were issue delivering your email campaigns, such as undelivered emails or contacts that unsubscribed.

Opening the campaign report.

After sending your email campaign, you can access your the campaign report by going to the Campaigns tab.

When you click on the campaign name of a campaign that was already sent, you'll see the campaign report overview.

In the campaign report page, you'll see first an overview with all the recipients of your campaign and other statuses related to your campaign, that are  

  • open rate, 
  • click rate;  
  • reply rates, 

along with the undelivered and unsubscribed recipients.

💡Read more about the definition of email statuses (e.g. undelivered, opened, clicked) used in the report.  

Campaign reports on a contact level. 

You can view detailed statistics of a particular contact by going to the Contacts tab then click into the detailed information page of the contact by clicking on the contact's name.

There, you can see all the interactions you have had with this contact under the Activity streams. 

To see a summary of all campaign statistics for this contact, go to the Email Report page. There, you will be able to see what email campaigns you have sent to that contact and which ones they've interacted with. 

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