After sending an email campaign, you can view the campaign statistics by going to the Campaign page and clicking in one of the campaigns you've sent. Below, you can find the definition of each email status used in the report. 

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The report statuses:


There can be various reasons why an email can be marked as undelivered the email address no longer exists, the mailbox is full or the server was unresponsive. 

A bounced email address won't be mailed in future email campaigns even if you add it to your recipient list. Because if we'd do so, you and Prezly could get flagged as a spamming address. 

💡If a contact is skipped, but you're sure the email address is correct, contact us via the in-app messenger.

You can also find the reason why an email was bounced by clicking on Undelivered in the email campaign report page, next to the email list there will also be a reason columns that describes each bounce error that occurred.

You can also filter which contacts have bounced emails by using the filter "Bounced" in the contact filtering menu. 


If you click in the Unsubscribed list, you can see all contacts that have unsubscribed  from the mailing, unsubscribes are related to the newsroom from which the campaign was sent.
People that unsubscribed won't be emailed again in future campaigns, even if you add them to a new recipient list. 

If a contact unsubscribed by accident, you can resubscribe them from the email dashboard on the contact detail page. See how


We track the open rates by inserting a small invisible image into your email campaign - a common practice to count email opens - and count how many times the image is loaded. However, some email servers/email programs block the automatic loading of images, so it is possible that some people marked as Unopened might have actually opened the email.

You can check how many times a particular contact has opened your email by going to the tab Opened and check the number under the column Open.


It means the contact has clicked on at least a single link in the email. This can be the "Read more" link, an image, a video, other links, or an attachment - any content that links through to the newsroom version of the story sent in the email.

You can check how many times a particular contact has clicked an item in your email by going to the tab Clicked and check the number under the column Click.

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