Things that Prezly has done ✅

  • We allow you to setup SPF and DKIM authentication for better e-mail delivery.
  • Optionally we can setup a separate e-mail IP, which is used only by you.
  • We use SendGrid - a professional and proven email delivery system.
  • We have a dedicated IP address to ensure optimal delivery of every email.
  • We monitor bounces, spam reports and don't send e-mails to addresses we know that are going to bounce (ISP's don't like that).
  • We continually monitor blacklist services.
  • We get notified every time we receive a spam report (it doesn’t happen very often!), so we can take appropriate action immediately.
  • Our email layout is professional, clean and can’t be customised, reducing the potential for spammers to take advantage of our templates.
  • We make sure the balance between visuals and text remains healthy.
  • Every customers is vetted before they get access to the email functionality. This is the absolute best way to keep spammers out.
  • We have a clear unsubscribe link, so anyone can opt out at any time and for any reason. This keeps us compliant with spam and email privacy laws and helps minimise spam complaints.

Things that you can do 💡

That’s how we approach email deliverability. There are other steps that you can take, too. The most important of which is to build a good reputation by following certain email best practices (i.e. don’t spam your contacts!).

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