Every Prezly account will have a default prezlymail sender address, which is the email of preference when sending campaigns and one-to-one emails. This is done to ensure that your emails are correctly delivered, in case you haven't yet verified your company email by setting the correct SPF/DKIM values.

Even though this is a default settings, you can still add a new sender address (and verify it using following this instructions) and set it as the new default email.

Sender Addresses

You can access your sender address list by going to Personal Settings -> Sender Addresses

In the sender addresses page you can see the email sender addresses you have added in your account, as well as check if they are correctly verified or not.

Adding a new sender address

You can add a new sender address by clicking on Add sender address in the top right hand side. 

There you can add the sender name and email address. You can also set this sender as the default by clicking on the Default Sender checkbox.

Removing or changing an existing sender address.

You can also modify an existing sender address by clicking on the settings button, On the new popup you can set a new sender name, or make the sender address as the new default.

🚦Please notice that you can only set a sender address as default if the email is verified. Otherwise it will not be possible to set as your default sender email.

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