Even when your sender address is successfully verified, it is possible that the sent campaign test email does not reach your mailbox.

Some work mailboxes are set up with strict spam firewalls. Possible reasons the test email is blocked by the company's spam firewall:

  • You're using an unverified sender and your company email firewall has rightfully strict rules to not pass emails that are not coming from verified origins. That's why Prezly requires you to verify your sender domain when you set up your account.
  • The From and To address are the same. The receiving server gets an email with a "From" that's from an email it manages, so it doesn't allow it. This means this is only an issue with the testmail you send to you (or colleagues). Try sending one to a personal email to double check.
  • Sending to multiple addresses at your company, which can be considered as a spam attack.
  • The email includes placeholder or filler content, for example, Lorem ipsum text. 

The first two causes can be fixed by asking the IT team to whitelist emails sent from Prezly. A possible workaround is to send the test email to an address outside of your work address, for example, a free Gmail account. 

I'm still not receiving any test emails from Prezly!

You might need to whitelist our sending IP addresses, to allow your server to receive messages from them, as some servers have restrictions on what IPs they're allowed to receive.

Currently there are 3 sending IPs in rotation to send emails from Prezly.


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