Prezly uses an automatic ratings system to score how engaged your contacts are with the content you share with them.

🚦Contact ratings are available in all expert and enterprise subscriptions. Please contact us if you want them in your account.

What do the ratings mean?

5 star rating

This rating is reserved for only the best of your contacts. The ones that open almost every piece of content you send them, click and reply relatively often.

4 star rating

If your contacts interact in a relatively regular way with your content, they would fall under a 4 star rating. They sporadically click or reply to your emails and not very often open your emails more than once.

3 star rating

Three stars are dedicated to the contacts that sporadically interact with your content. This might mean opening your email only once in a while and almost never clicking or replying.

2 star rating

We give two stars to contacts, for which we have no information or they stubbornly ignore all your communication attempts. These might also contain the ones, for which your content regularly lands in their spam folder.

1 star rating

These are the contacts that actively expressed disinterest in your content by unsubscribing from your mailing list. In case, they did so by accident and subscribed right back in, our algorithm will take care of rebuilding of the rating for you. This rating also contains recently bounced emails.

How does it work?

The ratings are dynamically updated after every email you send. We know how important it is for you to build the relationships with your contacts. That's why we use online learning algorithms, that help us take care of different scenarios that might occur and make sure we reflect the state of your relationship as well as possible. 

For example:

1. Reply > Click > Open

We know that not all interactions have the same value for you. Reply to your email is more valuable than a click on the piece of content and that in return, is better than if the contact just opens and reads your story. The star ratings take this into consideration.

2. Contact on vacation

Imagine you have a great relationship with one of the contacts in your database, but she decides to go on a prolonged vacation for two months. She will not interact with any of your stories and her star rating would probably drop to low values until she comes back. Our star ratings value and remember your relationships and know that it takes a long time for a great relationship to loose its value.

3. Accidental unsubscribe

It happens sometimes to the best of us. We click just a little to the side of what we want. Normally, this would mean, that you have lost the relationship with your contact. However, our if the contact subscribes right back and starts interacting with your stories, the relationship will start being rebuild right away.

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