If you have multiple newsrooms in your account, you might want to move a story to a different newsroom.

To move a story to a different newsroom, go to the Stories page in Prezly. In the stories page, select the story you want to move, and click on it, to open the story editor.

In the story editor, you can click on the newsroom toggle menu, to select a different newsroom to your story.

After you select the a new newsroom for you story, Prezly will ask you to confirm the change in case there are any differences between the previous newsroom, and the new newsroom you're moving the story to.

You can click in the checkboxes to make sure you are aware of the changes, and then click on Switch Newsroom to finish the process.

­čĺíPlease be aware that any campaign, emails sent before moving the story to another newsroom will now point to non-existing pages (dead links). That's why we advise to duplicate the story before moving it.

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