1. Account settings

This is related to the timezone that press releases are scheduled in, i.e. the Prezly backend. I.e. when you schedule press releases or emails, this is the timezone Prezly will use. 

  • Click your account name at the top right > Your Settings
  • Go to Language & time 
  • Choose your timezone and decide how date and time should be displayed inside the Prezly portal 

The below image shows the menu you will see when creating a story. The scheduled time highlighted will follow the timezone you set here. As mentioned above, these settings determine the Prezly backend portal. Best practice, we advise setting the timezone as the place you are physically located in. 

This timezone setting won't determine how time is displayed in your online newsroom. E.g. you can set your backend as CEST time as you are located in Copenhagen, but then also set the newsroom timezone (seen at the front end) as is in San Francisco (PDT), perhaps because it is a US company and the majority of your audience are located in the US.

2. Newsroom settings

The second place you need to configure timezone is within the newsroom settings. This will determine the timezone the press release is displayed in on the online newsroom, i.e. the frontend.

  • Go to the Newsroom tab
  • Click Settings of the newsroom to set the timezone for
  • Go to Language & time 
  • Choose your timezone and decide how date and time should be displayed on the online newsroom

An example

So let's illustrate this with an example:

Say you're a Belgian PR agency that works for a London-based company. London is an hour behind Belgium. In the account settings, you specify your Belgian timezone (backend). In the newsroom settings, you specify the London timezone (frontend).

This will mean: when you schedule a release to be published at 4pm (backend), it will go out at 4pm Belgian time but in the press room it will be displayed as having been released at 3pm (due to the London timezone setting in the newsroom i.e. frontend).

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