We strive to keep our app functioning on the latest, and sometimes not-so-greatest, versions of the most widely-used desktop browsers. 

Our newsrooms are held to a different set of standards and are built to handle the varied and wild world of your customer's internet experience. 

Browsers supported by the Prezly web application (rock.prezly.com)

  • Chrome: version 57 and above
  • Firefox: version 52 and above
  • Internet Explorer (MSIE) : version 11 and above
  • Safari: version 9 and above
  • Microsoft Edge: version 14 and above

Tip: click here to find out which browser you are using. Use outdatedbrowser.com to download the latest browser for your operating system.

Notification bar

Because you can expect issues using an older browser viewers will see an alert/message notifying them that their browser is outdated, and advising an upgrade.

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